Infrared Camera Systems

Finding a Machine Imaging System

Computer vision imaging is the term used to refer to many of the computer applications that use machine vision technologies. Machine vision is basically the ability to recognize and extract useful information from digital images. It is commonly used by machine vision systems in applications such as military and surveillance, industrial, transportation, and manufacturing, and healthcare. Most machine vision systems are designed to work with data taken from human subjects in a number of visual environments.

Infrared Cameras

One popular type of machine vision uses an infrared camera system for its image recognition capabilities. Infrared cameras are commonly used for industrial and automotive applications to scan cars or other moving objects. There are a number of benefits associated with using an infrared camera for machine vision imaging; they are easy to program, cost less than traditional computer vision cameras, produce high quality images in all lighting conditions, have very low noise for low light scenes, and can be mounted just about anywhere. The most common application for an infrared camera is facial recognition; it is used in security and anti-fraud systems to recognize people, animals, or faces in surveillance or crime camera footage. These systems may also be used to detect individuals in a crowd or any other location where human eyes cannot easily see.

Manufacturing Cameras

Another application for machine vision imaging is machine vision for manufacturing applications. It is now possible to scan large areas of sheet metal with a scanning machine that operates within the same environment as the equipment; this allows the operator to perform operations such as material identification, thin sheet deburring, or best machine vision imaging camera on non-moving parts of heavy equipment without having to set up the equipment or move around the equipment. Machines that perform these operations are often mounted on the ceiling of a work area and are controlled via computer software. This type of machine vision is commonly used to scan equipment or components that are non-moving and/or stationary. This allows operators to scan items in large areas and produces high resolution images for fast processing and analysis.