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Bulk mail refers to any mail that’s sent and processed by a commercial bulk mail service at low rates. The word is also sometimes used as a synonym for direct mail, which is mail delivered to the individual’s address without having the recipient’s name or address entered. Direct mail services are used by many businesses to promote new products, establish new contacts or increase awareness of current events. Some other uses include promotional letters, newsletters, thank you notes, coupons, business cards, flyers, billboards, public address signs and circulars. Any kind of commercial bulk mail service can be used for marketing any product or service.

Direct Mail Marketing

Marketing through direct mail services is generally economical, and companies who use this strategy to find that their profit margin is significantly increased. This is because with a properly designed direct mail service, companies don’t need to maintain a fleet of post office mail carriers to send out promotional materials. Instead, each piece of marketing literature is sent from the company’s own printer, which saves money on both paper and ink costs. Bulk mail Greensboro prices very fairly for their work.

Mailing Services

Marketing through direct mail services is very broad, and the company only needs to determine what types of mail they need to send out to achieve the desired results. This is because it’s possible to choose from a wide variety of distribution lists, which includes bulk mailing lists, letterhead, business cards and more. With so many options available, it’s easy for a company to choose the right promotional mailing program, which can help them reach their advertising goals at a reasonable cost. This type of mail advertisement has become an effective way for companies to expand their customer base and make sure that their brand remains high in the market.